The user must register *Web Page Creator* in order to "unlock" the software.

*Step #1*: Go to...

... and register the software.

*Step #2*: After PayPal payment is confirmed you will be sent a separate email containing a product key and your copy of *Web Page Creator*. Under normal circumstances, this process should take less than 12 hours.


If you registered your copy of *Web Page Creator* and do not receive your product key within 24 hours, the problem probably rests with either your ISP rejecting my emails, or your email client routing my mail to your Spam/Junk folder. Please make sure to change your email settings/rules to *allow* email from [,].

If, after checking your email settings and looking in your Spam/Junk folder, you have not received a reply from me within 24 hours, you should try sending me an email from an email account at an alternate ISP such as Yahoo or Gmail.

*Step #3*: Start the *Web Page Creator Software* software and go to "Help\|Registration" and copy/paste the *Customer Name*, *Customer Number*, and *Product Key* into the fields on the *Registration* dialog and press the "Register".

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